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Author Topic: USW 2018 Change log  (Read 783 times)


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USW 2018 Change log
« on: December 14, 2018, 03:55:20 AM »
Hi all,

Below you will find the change log for the last 2 weeks, please feel free to comment to this topic if you found any bugs or have any suggestions:

Fix /move score minus bug. and /jump ***
Not allow people to spawn before login/register ***
Make auto events ***
Re-add USW races ***
Make playercount 120 ***
/ask [question to admins] ***

Fix /sound not allowing level 7 admins to use it when command list say it should. ***
Change /setallweather to ask for level 5 admin instead of 8 to match /level 5 command list ***
Remove cookies black name color ***
Make discord.ugstuntworld.com ***

Add /clearho to remove all holding objects. ***
Remove nos from /tunecar ***
Start asking for email. ***
Remove /chilliad as a spawn point ***
Do some optimizations to OnPlayerSpawn ***
fFx /pm spy privacy issues. ***
Fix /pm new update not working on both directions ***

Change christen name color on /credits in pink. ***
Fixed /credits past owners grammaratical issue ***
Make forums ugstuntworld.com run on SSL (HTTPS) ***
Not ask for email on register, will only ask on next time players try to login. ***
Remove cookies /register message ***

More stability fixes ***
Start logging kills ***
Start logging time ***
/giveallweapon ammo is bugged (not saying amount and also not getting exact ammo) ***
Fix /mcheck ***
Fix /move being SO slow after stability updates ***
Make /goto add a few Z so people doont spawn in ground sometimes. ***

2018-12-14 (Build 776!):
Make money save in database ***
Updated /stats so that it will not show admin level and email to people who are not level 3+ (would expose admins While using /hide)***
Add a radio system ***
Updated old /commands message (dated 2011) - also added /ask to it. ***
Added more random messages to Cookies. ***
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